The Flow of Our Service
International Trading Networks

We provide trade services with total supply chain supports, includes purchasing
and trade procedures, communication with overseas customers, and delivery for those who want to send or purchase Japanese food overseas based on our extensive knowledge and long years
of trading experience in Japan,Singapore, and Hong Kong.

If you have troubles following, please feel free to contact us!
"I'm interested in exporting overseas, but how can I"
"I've received a contact from overseas, but I'm not confident with dealing with local customers,"
"I want to import foods, but I have no idea about the regulations,"

In addition, we can export even a small amount and offer reasonable prices by reducing
transportation costs by bundling your products with our regular container shippings to Singapore.

Export Service

❶  Purchasing  

Our procurement team in Japan negotiates
directly with suppliers and producers
and then purchase carefully selected products.
Since the accounts are settled in Japan,
they can do transactions with us easily.
Also, customers can communicate
with our staff directly to have fast
and accurate information and certain products.

❷  Export procedure 

Our experienced trading team ensure
that your goods are exported safely
by following the regulations of the destination country.
We prepare the documents such as Invoice,
Packing List, Certificate of Origin, etc.
and book the freight space, provide
instructions for domestic transportation,
and arrange shipping schedules.

❸  Export 

Your products are exported under the controlled-temperature which is suitable for dry, chilled, and frozen products.

We also select the freight either air or ship, according to your budget, shelf life, and strength.
After the departure from Japan, we obtain
the B/L and manage the arrival schedule
to prevent damages to the products
and problems during transportation.

Import Service

❹  Customs clearance 

We import your products safely through
authorized channels by using our import license.
We confirm arrival schedules, obtain
shipping documents, instruct customs brokers,
processing payment of customs duties,
and conducting inspections.

❺   Storage  

After customs clearance, your products are immediately delivered to our contracted warehouses either at room temperature,
or refrigerated, or frozen.
The best temperature range is set according
to the characteristics of the product.
For example, frozen seafood is
stored in ultra-low temperature freezers
in order to maintain the quality.

❻  Delivery  

We use our own delivery service
with refrigerated vehicles
to deliver products to restaurants, supermarkets, etc.,
while controlling the temperature.
Since our in-house delivery team transports
the products, quickly and carefully,
we can respond flexibly.