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Sohou Kikaku Co. Ltd.
8F 1-7-1, Akabanenishi, Kita-Ku, Tokyo JAPAN
TEL 03-5948-9777  FAX 03-5948-9770

kokonoE Hong Kong Co., Ltd.
Workshop F43, 7/F, Wha Lok Industrial Centre Phase II,
Nos 31-35 Shan Mei Street, Shatin, N.T.Hong Kong
Tel +852-2690-5203

ORIGIN ‒ Passion to Hometown

kokonoE PTE. LTD. was established in 2013 as a food trading company
headquartered in Japan that deals in fresh Japanese ingredients such
as eggs and water in Singapore.
 The company headquarter Sohou Kikaku is a metal materials trading
company that has never handled food products before 2013,
but the decision to enter the food business was based
on the CEO's "passion" for his hometown.
 The city of Taketa in Oita Prefecture, where he was born and raised, is a region rich in nature,
surrounded by the majestic Kuju Mountain Range and Mount Yufudake. Taketa city is famous
for spring water selected as one of Japanese top 100 spring water.
 Based on his experiences in importing and exporting metal products, he decided to set up
a local subsidiary, kokonoE PTE. LTD. in Singapore, the core of Southeast Asia,
in order to spread the delicious local food overseas.

ONE-STOP SERVICE - Procurement, Transportation, and Sales

We deal in alcoholic beverages, meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, table eggs,
water, and processed foods which are carefully selected from all over
Japan in cooperation with our head office.
 Our procurement team in Japan visits local breweries and producers
to check the quality of the products and the production environment.
 Then, our trading team safely exports the products using
the appropriate transportation methods and temperature zone for each foodstuff to deliver it with the producer's passion overseas. We are able to respond quickly and flexibly as we create
import and export documents in-house.
 Upon arrival in Singapore, the products are immediately stored in our refrigerated
and frozen warehouses and delivered to restaurants and supermarkets by our own delivery service (refrigerated vehicles).
 Since we maintain the quality of our products under thorough temperature control from import
to delivery, and provide consistent services, we can deliver safe and secure foodstuffs throughout Singapore.

OPERATION - Product development with a focus on ingredients

To spread the taste of Japan in Singapore, we opened our shop,
kokonoE KITCHEN, in 2020. We provide desserts
and ready-to-eat foods made with Japanese ingredients
under the supervision of a Japanese chef. In particular, we have a large selection of products that are made with eggs from Oita and Kanagawa.
  We offer takeaway services for puddings, sandwiches, caesar salad comes with onsen eggs, rice bowls, and others popular in Japan.
 In addition to eggs, we also use Japanese rice, shiradashi soup stock,

and other unique seasonings which recreate the flavors of Japanese foods eaten on a daily basis in Japan.
 We also develop original products with recipes and packaging that meet the customers’ requests
for special occasions such as anniversary and special events, and for creating private brand
products for restaurants and supermarkets.