What is Egg Delicatessen kokonoE KITCHEN

We opened Egg Delicatessen kokonoE KITCHEN in March 2020 with the mind of not only selling
imported Japanese foods, but we also desire to introduce the popular way of eating in Japan and culture.
We produce and sell Japanese-style dishes using fresh Japanese eggs daily in Chinatown
in the heart of Singapore. You can take away sandwiches, salad, and more freshly made every morning from our shop.
We also offer delivery and catering services, especially for large groups. Please use our services for various occasions such as home or company parties and events.
We also develop customized recipes and packagings for original products for companies,
restaurants, and supermarkets. For example, we can produce puddings with your company logo,
and original sandwiches made with ingredients designated by you.

51 Chin Swee Road # 01-75 Singapore 160051
+ 65 6223 1150
Opening Hour 10:00 am ‒ 6:00 pm
Monday ‒ Sunday

Our products (Take away & Delivery)

We are proud to offer a wide variety of products made with Japanese eggs.
Deliveries can be ordered through "Foodpanda"

egg sandwiches
with fresh ingredients such as vegetables, ham,
and cheese.

Shoyu-egg x Egg

Chicken x Tomato x Egg

Shrimp x Avocado x Egg

Rice bowl
These rice bowls are
made with rice
and eggs from Japan,
including Oyako don
and Gyudon.

Oyako Don

Teriyaki Chicken Don

Gyu Don

We have a variety
of salads that contain
eggs in different
ways of cook,
such as boiled eggs
and onsen eggs.

Caesar Salad

Cobb Salad

Egg Salad

Side menu
They are side dishes
that you can eat
every day without
getting tired of.
It goes well
with other dishes.




Our signature
egg-pudding is rich
and creamy.
It’s a favorite among
many customers.

Egg Pudding

Brawn Sugar Pudding

Egg Tart

Developing Original Products

We can produce original products for your company, such as anniversary products for events, regular desserts for restaurants, and daily sales items for supermarkets.