Tuna Mayonnaise Type

ツナ マヨネーズタイプ

Ajikan (Hiroshima)

Nets : 500g
Storage : Chilled(0〜10℃)
Ingredients : Marinated tuna, Semi-solid dressing, Seafood extract, Sugar, Whey protein, Salt, Seasoning (amino acids, etc.),
Thickener (Processed starch, tamarind), Sodium acetate, PH adjuster, Glycine
Contains : Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Soybeans.

Tuna marinated in oil with a mild mayonnaise flavor sauce.
It's characterize chunky tuna texture and mild taste.
Comes in an easy-to-use squeeze-out container,
making it easy to use as an ingredient in onigiri
and sushi rolls, bread fillings, and more.