Range Creamy Croquette Kani

津別物語 レンジクリーミーコロッケ カニ

Sanmaruko Shokuhin(Hokkaido)

Nets : 80g (20g x 4pcs)
Storage : Frozen (Below-18℃)
Ingredients :
Raw milk (Hokkaido), Onion, Wheat flour, Vegetable oil and fat, Crab,
Crab extract, Sugar, Gelatin, Sweetened condensed milk,
Fibrous wheat protein, Salt, Butter, Chicken extract seasoning,
Spices, Batter {Bread crumbs (manufactured in Japan), Wheat flour,
Vegetable oil and fat, Starch, Tomato paste, Corn syrup,
Powdered soy protein, Shortening, Processed oil and fat, Salt},
Fried oil (Palm oil, Rice bran oil) / Thickener (Processed starch,
Methyl cellulose, Polysaccharide thickener), Processed starch,
Seasoning (amino acids, etc.), Emulsifier, Baking powder,
Flavoring, Red yeast rice.
Contains : Crab, Wheat, Egg, Milk, Soybean, Chicken, Pork, Gelatin.

These creamy croquettes are made with fresh milk obtained
from dairy farmers in Tsubetsu-cho, Hokkaido.
The small size makes them ideal for snacks and lunches.
Please enjoy the rich creaminess and the crab flavor.
The frozen croquettes can be heated in a microwave oven.