SET de Makishin Jou

セット de 巻芯(上)

Ajikan (Hiroshima)

Nets : 74g × 5pcs
Storage : Frozen(Below-18℃)
Ingredients : Seasoned dried gourd (Dried gourd, Isomerized sugar liquid, Soy sauce, Mirin), Omelet (Egg, Isomerized sugar liquid, Vegetable oil, Vinegar, Soy sauce, Salt, Flavor seasoning (bonito)),
Seasoned dried tofu (Dried tofu, Isomerized sugar liquid, Soy sauce, Mirin) / Processed starch, Sorbitol, Seasoning (Amino acids), Phosphate (Na), Color (carotene),
Contains : Wheat, Egg, Soybean.

This flavorful maki-shi combines three types
of makizushi ingredients (dried gourd, shiitake mushroom,
and dried tofu) with an egg.
Anyone can easily make sushi rolls by simply preparing nori and sushi rice, and adding seafood, cucumbers,
and other ingredients makes the rolls even more gorgeous.