Omizugairanai Shikairoukanshu Champon

お水がいらない 四海樓監修 ちゃんぽん


Nets : 518g(Noodle 160g)
Storage : Frozen (Below-18℃)
Ingredients : Soup [Chicken broth, Chicken extract, Soy sauce, Cabbage, Chicken seasoning, Animal fat, Pork seasoning, Pork extract, Salt, Squid extract, Glucose, Reduced starch syrup, Sugar, Vegetable oil, Yeast extract, Asari clam extract, Vinegar, Starch, Protein hydrolysate, Spices, Thickener (Processed starch), Seasoning ( Amino acids, etc.), Antioxidant (V.E.)], Noodles [Wheat flour, Brine, Colorant (Gardenia)], Toppings [Vegetables (Cabbage (domestic), Onion), Fish paste, Boiled squid, Wood ear mushroom, Boiled shrimp, Animal fat, Vegetable oil, Roasted whole wheat flour, Salt / Processed starch, Colorant (tomato color), PH adjuster]. Contains: Wheat, Shrimp, Soybean, Chicken, Pork, Squid, Sesame.

Champon with soup, noodles, and ingredients all in one.
Simply heat it up in a pot and it is ready to eat.
This product is supervised by Shikairou,
the birthplace of Nagasaki champon.
The thick white soup blended with chicken and pork bones,
vegetables that have been aromatically finished
to retain their texture, and thick, chewy noodles make this a delightful dish.