Mukashi no Croquette (Range-up)


Aji no Chinuya(Kagawa)

Nets : 60g × 5pcs
Storage : Frozen (Below-18℃)
Ingredients : Japanese Potato, Onion, Sugar, Processed wheat flour, Vegetable protein powder, Chicken, Vegetable oil, Salt, Soy sauce, Chicken extract, Spices, Yeast extract powder, Batter (Bread crumbs, Dried glucose syrup, wheat flour, Powdered oil, Vegetable protein powder, Soybean protein), Frying oil (Soybean oil)/Processed starch, Emulsifier, Seasoning (amino acid), Thickener (guar), Colorant (Cocoa powder) Contains : Wheat, Milk, Soybean, Chicken.

Convenient old-fashioned flavored croquettes
that can be easily prepared in the microwave.
Simply place the frozen croquettes on a plate
and heat in the microwave.
They are just the right size for a side dish or a sandwich.