Gourmet Hokkaido
Danshaku Croquette Danshaku

グルメ北海道男爵コロッケ 男爵

Sanmaruko Shokuhin(Hokkaido)

Nets : 650g (10pcs)
Storage : Frozen (Below-18℃)
Ingredients : Vegetables {Potato (Hokkaido), Onion (Japan)},
Starch syrup, Sugar, Breadcrumbs, Vegetable oil and fat, Salt, Vinegar, Spices, Batter (Breadcrumbs, Wheat flour, Processed oil and fat,
Vegetable oil and fat, Powdered starch syrup, Soybean powder, Soy protein powder) /
Processed starch, Polysaccharide thickener, Emulsifier, Baking powder. Contains : Wheat, Soybean.

A standard croquette with a well-balanced flavor
that focuses on the "umami" of the danshaku potatoes
and other ingredients.
The dough is moist and smooth to the palate,
and the breadcrumbs with rye keep the savory aroma.